Painting A Room The Right Color in Your California Home


painting-a-room-the-right-color-in-your-california-homePainting a room involves careful planning and for the inexperienced painter, it can be a tough job. This is where painting tips become handy. If you want to get tips on painting a room, just continue reading because you will soon find what you’re looking for.

Before painting your room, you have to choose the paint color and the paint’s type. The latter can really make a difference so do make sure that you select the correct paint type. Here are the tips on painting a room:

1. Examine your window treatments, existing furniture, and the other accessories found inside the room. If you’re trying to paint a new room, then you will not bother yourself of these details because you can go ahead in deciding the color scheme that you like. But if you have an existing room, choose the colors that you like from the items found in your room. Your paint dealer can help you in coordinating the different colors by providing you with color chips. Examine how light affects these chips during the day and night.

2. Some rooms have trim work on the wall. It’s all up to you whether you paint them with the same color as the wall or perhaps you can paint the trim with a darker or lighter color to give emphasis to it, bold color flashes, and to add delicate hints. By painting the trim work with the same color, you will be able to achieve a monochromatic look.

3. If your room has a large surface area, any color that you paint will appear darker, so when choosing the paint’s color, get a color that is lighter than what you intend to paint with in the first place. Bright and clean colors will appear darker or lighter depending on your room’s light and other surrounding color.

4. The color can also affect the size of the room. Warm and strong colors such as oranges, reds, and yellows can make your room appear smaller. If you want to make it appear larger, use colors such as blue, violet, and green.

These are just four tips on painting a room. Happy painting.

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